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Knowledge about book printing you need to know


Letterpress printing, lithographic printing, and screen printing are the most popular and significant kinds of Book printing , respectively, according to various technological principles.

Stencil printing, also known as screen printing, involves using a silk fabric, metal, or synthetic material screen as a printing plate, hollowing out the printing portion into holes, and installing the ink on the layout while the substrate is on the layout during printing. Below, the printing plate is near to the substrate, and the squeegee is used to scrape the ink through the mesh to infiltrate the substrate's surface.

Large-scale ads, banners, book covers, as well as different porcelain, glass, and metal utensils, T-shirts, circuit boards, etc., all use screen printing extensively. It is the printing technique that is used the most in commercial printing.

The screen printing ink is viscous and vibrant, and it can be used to print on irregular surfaces and any printing medium (cloth, plastic, glass, wood, etc.). develop a better

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