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Dust removal method of Waste Incinerator


Waste Incinerator is a device that burns garbage at high temperature. During this process, a lot of dust and exhaust gas will be generated. Therefore, the garbage incinerator needs to be cleaned regularly. Here are some common ways to clean up dust:

Mechanical cleaning: Use mechanical equipment (such as vacuum cleaners, sweepers, etc.) to suck and clean the dust in the incinerator. This method is suitable for cleaning shallower dust, but it may not be effective for deep accumulation of dust.

High-pressure water gun cleaning: Use a high-pressure water gun to wash the inner wall of the Waste Incinerator to wash off the dust attached to the wall. This method is suitable for cleaning deeper dust, but you need to pay attention to the use of the water gun to avoid damage to the incinerator.

Chemical cleaning: use chemical cleaning agent to dissolve the dust, and then use high-pressure water gun to clean. This method is suitable for deep accumulation of dust, but it needs to use a suitable cleaning agent and pay attention to safe operation.

Hand Cleaning: Small corners and areas that are difficult to clean may need to be cleaned by hand. This method is suitable for smaller Waste Incinerators and requires patience and careful operation.

It should be noted that the cleaning of the Waste Incinerator needs to comply with the corresponding safety operating procedures, and it should be operated by professional cleaning personnel

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