Unpowered Roller Conveyor Line

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1.Product Introduction

The unpowered roller conveyor line is one of our most popular products, as we started manufacturing it since 2002. The unpowered roller conveyor line is suitable for conveying all kinds of flat workpiece and panel, flexible transportation without deviation. Also the machine is with high quality and competitive price which can both save labor cost and improve the production efficiency for the customers.

2. Product Parameter (Specification)

External DimensionL2500*W600*H300mm
Roller Length500mm
Roller center distance167mm
Main beam80*40*2.0mm
Roller sizeφ60*1.5mm
Roller bearingφ12*530mm
Loading capacity600kg/meter

3. Product Feature And Application

1.The main beam is made of high quality hot galvanizing process

2.The roller is made of hot-dip galvanized pipe with high corrosion resistance

3.The machine frame use the most advanced CNC bending processing technology

4.The height of the activity plate can be adjusted, which can solve the problem of the customers with uneven ground

5.The conveyor can be added with baffle at both ends to prevent the workpiece  moving, which is more safe and reliable.


4.Product Details

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