Electric Minivan

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1.Introduction of Electric Minivan

KEYTON M70L electric minivan is a smart and reliable model, with advanced ternary lithium battery and low noise motor. It has a range of 220km by carrying 600kg of load. It could be modified as cargo van, police van, post van and so on. Its low energy consumption will save as much as 85% energy compared with a gasoline vehicle.



2.Parameter (Specification) of Electric Minivan

Pure Electric Minivan Configurations
General InformationSize (L x W x H)4421*1677*1902 (mm)
Full load weight (kg)2550
Wheel base (mm)3050
Seat No.2, 11
Battery Capacity (kwh)41.86
Max. Speed (kwh)≧80
Battery system energy density (Wh /kg)≥125
Pure electricity maximum cruising range (km ,NEDC)≥280
Charging Time(slow charging)≤12(SOC:20-100%)
(Fast charging≤1(SOC:20~80%)
BatteryLithium iron phosphate
MotorPermanent Magnet Synchronous
D+C(water cooling)●
Daytime running light●
Front grille●
Reminder of main and auxiliary safety belts not fastened●
European standard fast and slow charging integrated interface●
Anti-theft Device●
Battery electric heating system●
Display screen●
Reversing image●
Reversing radar●
Front air conditioner●
Tire185/65 R15 LT
Rubber Carpet in Cargo Compartment●


3.Details of Electric Minivan

KEYTON M70L Electric Minivan’s detailed pictures as follows:


4.Product Qualification

KEYTON M70 Electric Minivan passes the following quality management certifications:



1.What is the selling point of your company?

Our FJ Group is the JV partner with Mercedes-Benz, producing V Class in China. That’s why all our products standard is even higher than other Chinese brands.


2.How many countries have you ever exported to?

We have exported to Bolivia, Myanmar, Philippines, Egypt, Nigeria, about 20 countries.


3.What is your biggest overseas market?

We have sold more than 5,000 units to Bolivia since 2014, and the altitude of that country is about 3,000 meters. Which means the vehicles is running well in the tough area.


4.What about the WARRANTY?

We are offering 2 years or 60,000 kms, whichever comes first.


5.What about the delivery time?

45 days since down payment.

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