Custom Pattern Shaved Ice Cup Set with Straw-spoon

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As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Custom Pattern Shaved Ice Cup Set with Straw-spoon. Glad your have selected CHAOHAO Shaved Ice Cup Set. Many families love to eat ice cream and shaved ice on hot summer days, and that's what our Shaved Ice Cup Sets are for.The material specifications of this product can be customized. The inner cups can choose flat bottom cups and conical cups. The straws can choose paper straws, PP straws and PLA straws.

Product Parameter (Specification)

 customizablePaper cups or cone cups and straw spoonSupports four-color and spot color printingwhite board paper,pla,pp,cup paper,kraft paper

Product Feature And Application

This Custom Pattern Shaved Ice Cup Set with Straw-spoon is made of food-grade raw materials and processed by cone sleeves machine, and the customized printing ink adopts food-grade environmental protection ink. High quality and low price products, suitable for public places such as ice cream shop, food factory, amusement parks and all kinds of parties.

Product Details

CHAOHAO Custom Pattern Shaved Ice Cup Set with Straw-spoon are customized product. We can customize various colors and specifications according to your needs. The product quality is excellent, the low temperature environment does not leak or deform, and the materials are in line with food packaging standards, safe and reliable.Minimum order of 5,000 sets of this product.According to the actual size of the product, 6 to 24 sets per box.

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