• Multipole Ring Ndfeb Magnet

    The Deko® Multipole ring Ndfeb magnet is used in widely applications, Deko magnetics from China offers a widely size, from micro ring to big ring magnets. Typical sizes are : D10xd5x2 mm, D300xd200x10 mm


  • YZF10-20 10w Fan Motor Aluminum Wire Copper Wire

    YZF10-20 10w Fan Motor Aluminum Wire Copper Wire Foot mounting: Track dimension 26mm or 18 mm possible Type of protection: IP42 or IP44 Electrical connection: Jacketed cable 3x0.5 m㎡ with brass lead tips Product conforming to standard: CE Approvals: VDE( except 3W),CCC


  • Sharp Bottom Airsickness Bag

    We are professional in producing Sharp Bottom Airsickness Bag for 17 years and serve more than 70 airlines all over the world ,such as Cathay Pacific Airways, Singapore Airlines,Emirates Airlines, America Airlines ,Delta airlines .etc. Hope we will become your long term partner in China.


  • Dipped Radial Lead Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

    A Dipped Radial Lead Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor is a fixed capacitor with the ceramic material acting as the dielectric. It consists of several layers of conductive plates each separated by a layer of ceramic dielectric. Layers of ceramic and metal are alternated to make a multilayer chip.


  • Men women wedding ring domed ceramic ring

    Shenli is a leading China Men women wedding ring domed ceramic ring manufacturers. White ceramic ring, this minimalist ceramic jewelry, its luster is very good. It is a good choice as a gift.


  • Yellow Trailer Hitch Lock Set

    YOUHENG is a professional trailer hitch lock manufacturer and supplier in China. This yellow trailer hitch lock set designed to provide excellent towing,Lockable is offering extra safety ,The mechanism resists picking and prying,It is easy to install and remove,it is rust and corrosion resistant,it is to guards against tow-away trailer theft.


  • Watercolor Set with Paint Tin

    Ningbo Changxiang Stationery Co.,ltd is one of the leading Watercolor Set with Paint Tin manufacture and factory in China.We have been in the watercolor field for more than 13 years.


  • Automatic Disposable Coffee Cup Machine

    The following is the introduction of high quality Automatic Disposable Coffee Cup Machine, hoping to help you better understand Automatic Disposable Coffee Cup Machine. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future!


  • Veterinary Automatic Syringe

    Weiyou® Veterinary Automatic Syringe is made of high quality stainless steel and plastic, which is suitable for poultry, fish and livestock vaccine injection.


  • Commerical Disposable Shower Curtains

    You can rest assured to buy Commerical Disposable Shower Curtains from our factory. ELIM best-selling line of disposable shower curtains is available in nine colors.