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What details should be paid attention to in the packaging paper box design process?


What details need to be paid attention to in the packaging paper box design process? What are the commonly used processes in post-printing? What should be paid special attention to? This is not only a question that designers need to ask at all times, but printing companies must also be aware of the details.

In the early stage, we mainly focused on material issues. During the design process of packaging boxes, we mainly paid attention to the issue of paper thickness! Because of the different materials, we will consider the issue of closing position when die-cutting and gluing boxes in the later stage. If the card color box does not consider this issue, there will be a phenomenon that does not match the design.

There are few later processes: mainly paper (corrugated paper packaging box or double-layer paper), lamination, UV, die-cutting, film sticking, bronzing (silver) pasting boxes, etc. In addition, there is the source file in the printing process Dealing with the above details, the consequences of not converting the RGB image to CMYK: Most software (FreeHand, Pagemaker, etc.) will not separate the RGB image, if the RGB image is misused, the resulting color separation film may only be in the black version There is a picture above, and the parts of the other color plate images are empty, or there are equivalent grayscale images on the four color plates.

Solution: If the scanner you use supports direct scanning of CYMK, it is best to scan directly into four-color files; if you can only get RGB, then don't forget to convert RGB to CYMK before output.

Tip: It is difficult to tell whether it is RGB or CYMK from the file name or file icon, and it is too troublesome to open one by one. For TIFF images, you can make a judgment by observing the preview color of the image in the typesetting or imposition software: the preview of the IFFP image of CYMK is bright and unnatural, while the preview of the RGB image is more natural. As for the EPS map, it is difficult to distinguish from the preview, and you can only check one by one if you are not at ease.

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