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Paper bowls cannot be put in the microwave.


Paper bowls cannot be put in the microwave.

Most paper bowls are not resistant to high temperatures. Microwave ovens heat up extremely fast, and if you don’t control them well, the temperature will be too high, and the paper bowls will become soft and easy to burn. Too high and it will burn. Paper bowls will also infiltrate with food at high temperatures, and it is inevitable that substances that are not conducive to health will penetrate into food. Use ceramic bowls or special microwave containers to heat food, and some high-temperature glass containers can also be used

Contraindications to using microwave ovens

Do not use ordinary plastic: hot food will deform the plastic container, and ordinary plastic will release toxic substances, contaminate food and endanger human health.

Do not use metal utensils: Because the iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel and other utensils put in the furnace will generate electric sparks with them when the microwave oven is heated and reflect microwaves, which will damage the furnace body and cannot heat the food.

Do not use closed containers: use wide-mouthed containers when heating liquids, because the heat generated by heating food in closed containers is not easy to dissipate, making the pressure in the container too high, which may easily cause explosion accidents.


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