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Features of computer flat knitting machine


Compared with ordinary mechanically controlled flat knitting machines, computerized flat knitting machines have the following characteristics:

1. Single-needle selection: Because the electromagnetic needle selection device is used on the computerized flat knitting machine, it has the function of single-needle selection. The combination of single-needle selection and triangular transformation, lateral displacement of the needle bed, change of yarn guide and other functions enables the computerized flat knitting machine to knit various fashionable and unique patterns, and the patterns are not limited.

2. Formed knitting: This is the most attractive feature of computerized flat knitting machines. Due to the special drawing technology used on most of the flat knitting machines, such as presser feet and stripping sinkers, the computerized flat knitting machine can not only weave general single garment pieces, but also knit various kinds of garments on the same machine. The entire piece of clothing that is connected with different pieces of clothing can even be knitted into a whole woolen sweater, thereby saving the waste of raw materials and labor caused by sewing.

3. It is easy and fast to change the variety: this is one of the biggest advantages of the computerized flat knitting machine. Since the computerized flat knitting machine is equipped with a corresponding pattern preparation system, the pattern preparation work is very easy, and the operation on the machine is easy. Just input the prepared new pattern into the program control device of the computerized flat knitting machine through a disk or U disk, and it will be ready. Can achieve the purpose of changing species. Therefore, the computerized flat knitting machine can adapt to the requirements of short fashion period and changing fashion colors of modern clothing. In addition, the productivity of the machine is increased due to the shortened operating time on the machine.

4. Adopt multiple knitting systems: Computerized flat knitting machines generally have multiple knitting cam systems, up to four or five, and some use double, three or even four knitting heads. Each knitting machine has Two or three loop forming systems, which can be used separately or together. When knitting small garment parts, the machine heads can be knitted separately, and when knitting large size garment parts, the two machine heads can be connected together, and multiple systems can knit at the same time. The adoption of multiple systems has greatly improved the output of computerized flat knitting machines.

5. Use wide needle beds: The length of the needle beds of computerized flat knitting machines is generally more than 200cm, and the longest can reach 254cm. The same needle bed can knit four pieces of clothing at the same time.

6. Stepping motor control: Stepping motors are generally used to accurately control the bending depth, needle bed displacement and the position of the yarn guide positioning block.

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