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Twin Conical Screw Barrel

Twin Conical Screw Barrel

Twin conical screw barrelFast and excellent quotations, short manufacturing time, experienced and effective management and unique services for good wholesale vendors China Twin Conical Screw Barrel, makes EJS a leading supplier.Good Wholesale Vendors China Screw Barrel, Twin Screw Barrel, we EJS ser......

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Product Description

Twin conical screw barrel

Fast and excellent quotations, short manufacturing time, experienced and effective management and unique services for good wholesale vendors China Twin Conical Screw Barrel, makes EJS a leading supplier.

Good Wholesale Vendors China Screw Barrel, Twin Screw Barrel, we EJS serves a lot of OEM companies that caters to their specific needs and requirements. With a strong team of experienced engineers in home design and development, we value every opportunity to provide best products and solutions for our customers.


Meanwhile, we also provide sourcing and shipping consolidation solutions.

We have our very own manufacturing facility for OEM Customized China Twin Conical Screw Barrel. To make customers work easier, we help them to do sourcing work, to consolidate all parts together to reduce the transportation cost.

You are very welcome to send us your inquires, sincerely hope we are able to have chance to cooperate with you and we will build up ever-lasting extensive & effective partner relationship with you.

OEM Customized China Twin Conical Screw Barrel, the design, processing, purchasing, inspection, storage, assembling process are all in documentary, increasing usage level and reliability of our brand deeply, which makes us become a superior supplier of Twin Conical Screw Barrel domestically and globally with customers good trust and repeated orders.

EJS has been producing twin conical screw barrels since 1992. With decades of growing, now we have roughly 10,000 sets of conical twin screw barrels made each year, selling all over the world. E.J.S uses high quality 38crmoala, Pvc Screw Barrel, Screw Barrel Manufacturer to produce screws and barrels for customers globally to ensure the quality of screws and barrels, because raw material is the core and footstone.

Bore diameter available for Twin conical screw barrel


Popular Materials used for Twin conical screw barrel

38CrMoAlA (DIN1.8509)

34CrAlNi7 (DIN1.8550)

31CrMoV9 (DIN1.8519)

40Cr (AISI 4340)

42CrMo ( AISI4140)

D2 (DIN 1.2379)

SKD 61

SKD 11

Surface Treatment of Twin conical screw barrel

Full body nitrided

Bimetallic alloy coating for extrusion section and then whole body nitride

SKD61, SKD11 lining

Application of Twin conical screw barrel

Granulation (pellets) extrusion

Panel extrusion

Profile extrusion

Sheet extrusion

Pipe extrusion

Board extrusion

Compound extrusion

Inspection of Twin conical screw barrel

Quality is produced, to assure top quality twin conical screw barrels will be made, each screw barrel is seriously inspected 5~6 times at different stages.

Further more, matching work of twin conical screw barrel is essential---The right clearance between two conical screws, the right clearance between twin conical screws and barrel is crucial to the non-stop working of a twin-screw extruder.

What can I do if I don’t have drawings for twin conical screw barrel when I want to buy twin conical screw barrels directly from the manufacturer?

EJS has rich experiences to do on-site measurement for your twin conical screw barrel, after they’re taken out from the extruder and well cleaned.

Can E.J.S make a design for my machines?

Several classical designs are available based on different percentage of added filler. For example for the filler of CaCo3

Design A for CaCo3 less than 100

Design B for CaCo3 from 100-150

Design C for CaCo3 from 150-200

Design D for CaCo3 over 200

When the connecting dimensions are provided, E.J.S could make conical twin screw barrel for your machines.

About E.J.S.

EJS Screw Barrels is a newly created brand name for Export business with manufacturing experiences since 1992.
A screw barrel manufacturer dedicated on producing customized screw barrel and design extruder screw barrels, injection moulding screw barrels.

Bimetallic Screw Barrels

We started to make bimetallic screw barrel at a very early age, almost the same time as the first bimetallic barrel was born in China. Now we have several types for options depending on different applications

Bimetallic Barrels
Alloy TypeEJS01 AlloyEJS02 AlloyEJS03 AlloyEJS04 Alloy
Alloy ComponentsFe+Ni+Cr+B(Fe:65, Ni:14, Cr8, B:3.5)Ni+Cr+Co+BNi+Cr+Co+V+BNi+Wc+Cr+B(Ni:50, Wc:15~35,Cr:6~8, B:2.5~3.2)
Wearing Resistance★★★★★★★★★★★★
Corrosion Resistance★★★★★★★★★★★
Alloy Thickness2~3mm1.5~2mm1.5~2mm1.5~2mm
HardnessHRC 58-65HRC 50-58HRC 55-60HRC 55-65
Temperature Range≤400≤450≤450≤600
Coefficient ThermalRT~250℃11.0x10-611.0x10-611.5x10-611.0x10-6
Range of Workable Length700mm~3000mm/piece
Base Steel Vastly Used40Cr: 42CrMo
Mark in the list: ★★★★ Excellent; ★★★ Very Good; ★★Good

Bimetallic Screws
Suitable forSingle Screw, Twin Parallel Screw, Twin Conical Screw
Alloy TypeNi60CoImonoy 56CoImonoy 83
Alloy ComponentsNi+Cr+Fe+Si(Ni:65, Cr:17, Fe:15, Si:5)Ni+Cr+Si+Fe(Ni: 68, Cr:18, Si:5, Fe:5)Ni+Wc+Cr+C(Ni:40, Wc:34, Cr:20, C:2)
Anti-Wearing Level★★★★★★★★★★
Anti-Corrosion Level★★★★★★★★★★★★
Alloy Thickness1~1.5mm1~1.5mm1~1.5mm
HardnessHRC 56-62HRC 46~61HRC 43-48
Applied Glass FiberUnder 10%  
Range of Workable LengthAny length needed
Base Steel Vastly Used38CrMoAI(1.8509), 34CrAINi7(1.8550), 31CrMoV9(1.8519)
Mark in the list: ★★★★ Excellent; ★★★ Very Good; ★★Good

Quality Inspection

Quality is a very important step during production. For making a quality screw barrel, all tolerances should be fulfilled and all dimensions should be correct and put in records.

We provide inspection report, material certificate for every of our supplied screw barrels.

Twin Conical Screw Barrel


Packaging is the last but very important step before shipping. A strong and smart packing box is also part of our quality. It is not only used to protect the screws barrels well during transportation, also provide an easy way for our customer to unpack.

Twin Conical Screw Barrel

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